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Noosa Beach Sand Recycling

Sand recycling plant utilising the Submarine Sandshifter is installed on Noosa Beach. The equipment recycles littoral drift sand to provide regular beach nourishment. The equipment traps sand at the down drift end of the beach and pumps it back to the eroded areas of the beach.

The Sandshifter sources clean littoral drift sand that would otherwise leave the area. The system does not remove sand from the nearby estuary, disturb marine life habitats or have any restrictions on its operating times. Beach nourishment can be undertaken regularly to ensure the beach remains well nourished and in a state that can absorb storm damage.

 The diesel powered trial Sandshifter system was installed and commenced pumping sand in January 2004. The unit recycled 30-40,000 cu.m of sand per year subject to requirements.

Permanent System

The permanent sand recycle system was commissioned in 2012. The system is electrically powered and operated at night to reduce disturbance to beach users and take advantage of off peak power tariffs.

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Slurry Systems Marine - Pump Station
Diesel Powered Pump Station

Slurry Systems Marine - Beach Discharge
Beach Discharge

Slurry Systems Marine - Slurry Station
Operator Station

Slurry Systems Marine - Beach Discharge
Permanent System