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Sand Bypass

SSM utilise the patented Sandshifter to carry out sands bypassing around ocean entrances and harbours. The Sandshifter is also used for beach nourishment and protection through recycling littoral drift sand.

The Sandshifter

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Slurry Systems Marine - Sand Shifter

Slurry Systems Marine - Sand Shifter

Slurry Systems Marine - Sand Shifter

The Submarine Sand Shifter is based on a fluidising principle which allows sand to be recovered from below the sea floor over a horizontal distance of 20 to 40 metres.

In a typical fixed installation, the Sandshifter unit is buried within the sand accumulations on the up drift side of the entrance or harbour. The Sandshifter creates a sand trap that captures littoral drift sand before it can infill the navigation channel.

The captured sand is discharged to an onshore pumping station where the sand/water mixture is pumped through a transfer pipeline to discharge on the down drift side of the entrance or harbour.

The Sand Shifter units are self burying and do not require an expensive supporting pier. The buried units are protected from storms and do not obstruct navigation, public access or interrupt the aesthetic lines of the beach.

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