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Woorim Beach Sand Recycling

Bribie Island is in Queensland, approximately 1 hour drive north of Brisbane. Woorim Beach is located at the south eastern end of Bribie Island. Moreton Island shelters the beach from the predominant south easterly swells however the beach is exposed to wind and waves from the north. The beach is popular with local residents and tourists and offers safe swimming, surfing and beach activities.

Woorim Beach suffers severe beach erosion during storms and other high wave energy events. The erosion reduces the available recreational areas and threatens housing and other infrastructure that has been built in the dune area, the eroded beaches also impact the nesting areas available for loggerhead turtles.

Beach nourishment through sand recycling is being carried out to rectify this erosion. The aim of the sand recycling is to nourish eroded sections of Woorim Beach and to create a buffer of sand to counter future beach erosion events.

The sand recycling aims to replace the 35,000 cu.m per year deficit of sand. Sandshifter units and diesel powered pumping equipment is used to pump the sand through a 2.1 km pipeline.

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Slurry Systems Marine - Pump Station
Beach Discharge

Slurry Systems Marine - Beach Discharge
Diesel Powered Pump Station